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Athena Gym Online

Unit 7, 109 Urquhart Road
Aberdeen , AB24 5Nh

Testimonial #11

I LOVE this gym and it’s the only one I’ve stuck to long-term because I feel confident training there. Donna is friendly, full of knowledge, support and motivation. She also makes PT and training fun. There are no ego’s in this gym, it’s just full of other girls who are equally as supportive and willing to share what knowledge they have, even if like mine, it’s limited. There’s 24/7 access, the option to train alone, or with others, and you can even bring your dog along with you!!!

Testimonial #10

Why did I not know about this place sooner?!!
I still consider myself quite a newbie to The Athena, having only been here a few months but I can safely say that since day one I've been made to feel very welcome and part of a great team of girls!  Everyone is so encouraging and friendly.   Having only every been to group classes before, the thought of using gym equipment was very daunting for me but Donna has the patience of a saint and has given me confidence to train on my own.  No question is too silly to ask (and believe me I've asked a few)!  Never before did I ever think I'd have enjoyed working out in a gym but I'm absolutely loving it.  The online workouts are brilliant too and  Donna makes sure that they are kept fresh by mixing them up every day....never sure what is coming next but guaranteed a great workout!  Thanks everyone for letting me be part of an amazing team.  Getting out of bed so early in a morning has never felt so good!! 

Best Gym

I've been training at Athena for 6 months! After bouncing from Gym to gym for years trying to find the perfect one I finally found Athena.  Donna and Ian are amazing, they have so much knowledge and work really hard to make the gym a place you want to go to.  Abs (the best gym dog) is fabulous,  she's always there to greet you, every gym should have an Abs. And the girls are amazing, such a friendly bunch , all focused on their goals but still friendly and welcoming. I LOVE MY GYM.

Great gym!

I joined the Athena back in June 16 I was looking for a gym that was small, friendly and supportive... as much as the Athena is a small gym compared to some of the more commercial gyms I feel you definitely get your money's worth here. It has 6am classes, bootcamps, supportive members and the owners including gym dog abs are absolutly fantastic couldn't ask for a better place to train and feel like part of a family because that's what the Athena is... it's not just a gym it's being part of a family... and I love it!!

Why would you not join The Athena movement ??

I've been a member of The Athena since doors opened.... And I can't imagine going anywhere else to train.

At The Athena Donna and Ian work thoroughly with all members to encourage the use of 'good form', flexibility, stability, movement and nutrition throughout all of the sessions. 

They are always available for help, assistance, questions, queries and most importantly motivation.

There are bootcamps, 6am classes, PT sessions, nutritional advice and guidance (the list goes on) - so much on offer in this wonderful gym.

Something that it's encouraged within the gym is learning and understanding, Donna and Ian have even mentored 2 long time members through their own journey of qualifying as Personal Trainers, and they now also assist with the 6am classes.  Who else invests in and grows their own talent ?

The Athena is a hidden gem, I love it and what's best is that we all work together.  We make decisions together - like a family !

Get yourself down for a trial - you won't regret it!


By far the best gym I've trained in and actually stuck with in years.  Donna and Ian are both amazing people and coaches especially with myself at the moment going through my first comp prep.  All the girls are nice and I can actually we're more like a family and you don't get that in a commercial gym

Athena Warriors

I love the Athena gym! Having previously been a member of several large commercial gyms I cannot stress enough how much more welcoming, friendly and helpful the Athena is. Donna and Ian can't do enough to help you achieve your goals as well as the involvement and support from all the members too. Everyone works hard, and supports and encourages each other. I've never felt part of a team at a gym before but the Athena really is a family.


Was always self conscious about joining a gym or trying classes/bootcamp. Went along and tried bootcamp class in Jan 2017 and never looked back, can't believe how friendly Donna, Ian and all the girls were it was amazing. Lovr being part off the Athena gym, the support I have received for signing up to my 1st 5k from the Athena Gym is overwhelming!

Athena Family

I was looking for a new gym in Aberdeen and heard about the Athena. I heard it was an all female gym which was perfect for myself as I had little knowledge of gym equipment or how to use it and felt completely out of my depth in the big commercial gyms. Athena is a breath of fresh air and is full of supportive girls who are purely there to get in a good workout and are not bothered about your shape / size / clothes etc. The owners Donna and Iain couldn't be more supportive and regularly take time to catch up with each member. They are amazing and really easy to talk to.
My main goal when I joined Athena was to build core and leg strength to help me complete the London Marathon 2017 but I have gained so much more than my London marathon medal. I have not only found a place where I love to go for a workout, where I am educated on the equipment and food choices but also somewhere that I feel completely comfortable and at ease. I attend the outdoor bootcamps twice a week which are fun and I actually hate to miss them (which I never thought I would say)! Joining The Athena was a great choice!! Join, join, won't be disappointed!

Awesome gym, fab owners and lovely people.

I love training at the Athena gym. The gym, whilst small in size compared to some, has everything you need for a training session! Free weights, cardio equipment and resistance machines, all there to help you smash a decent session.

The owners are very knowledgeable and are super keen to help you achieve your goals. They are always on hand to help with your sessions and to answer any questions along with some of the longer standing girls who are also qualified PTs/Gym instructors.

There are no big crazy egos at this gym, just genuinely nice people working towards their goals and enjoying each others banter and company. Everyone is friendly and approachable (some a little crazy ... in a good way) and that really helps to make this place the awesome place that it is.

Sign up and get yourself to The Athena, you wont regret it!