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Athena Gym Online

Unit 7, 109 Urquhart Road
Aberdeen , AB24 5Nh

Awesome gym, fab owners and lovely people.

I love training at the Athena gym. The gym, whilst small in size compared to some, has everything you need for a training session! Free weights, cardio equipment and resistance machines, all there to help you smash a decent session.

The owners are very knowledgeable and are super keen to help you achieve your goals. They are always on hand to help with your sessions and to answer any questions along with some of the longer standing girls who are also qualified PTs/Gym instructors.

There are no big crazy egos at this gym, just genuinely nice people working towards their goals and enjoying each others banter and company. Everyone is friendly and approachable (some a little crazy ... in a good way) and that really helps to make this place the awesome place that it is.

Sign up and get yourself to The Athena, you wont regret it!

Athena Family

I was looking for a new gym in Aberdeen and heard about the Athena. I heard it was an all female gym which was perfect for myself as I had little knowledge of gym equipment or how to use it and felt completely out of my depth in the big commercial gyms. Athena is a breath of fresh air and is full of supportive girls who are purely there to get in a good workout and are not bothered about your shape / size / clothes etc. The owners Donna and Iain couldn't be more supportive and regularly take time to catch up with each member. They are amazing and really easy to talk to.
My main goal when I joined Athena was to build core and leg strength to help me complete the London Marathon 2017 but I have gained so much more than my London marathon medal. I have not only found a place where I love to go for a workout, where I am educated on the equipment and food choices but also somewhere that I feel completely comfortable and at ease. I attend the outdoor bootcamps twice a week which are fun and I actually hate to miss them (which I never thought I would say)! Joining The Athena was a great choice!! Join, join, won't be disappointed!