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From: Carol Chilton  

Date: 14/10/2016 22:55 (GMT+00:00) 




Since i had my hip opperation i find it hard to take lucy on reg walks...she was becoming unfit since ive met richard williams my lucy gets regular walks so looks fitter & much healther..she looks forward to richard coming & runs to him from the door as soon as she sees i have a happy dog...& healthy dog..its so nice having richard to look after lucy as his times are felxible & works round what time suits u...also he is very reliable...most of all my lucy is happy thats the most important thing...i would reconmend richard to anyone.!!!!

Isla's New Best Friend

We moved house last month and Richard has helped my dog adjust from very anxious to very happy and at ease in her new surroundings. He walks her Mon-Fri while we are at work, and once when my partner was home he witnessed her literally race down the stairs to get to Richard ASAP. She absolutely loves him. He is very good about sending me pics so I know she's happy. Also - extremely rare - he makes sure she is cleaned up after a walk before letting her loose in our house. Our old dog walkers would just put her back in the house covered in mud. This is great. I cannot recommend him enough!