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Yoga with Le'Joy

16 Marconi Place
Brooklyn New York , 11233

Her name isn’t Le’Joy for nothing!

Tatiana does a private class for my friends and I and we thoroughly enjoy every minute of each one. She has such cheerful vibes and is so knowledgeable in all different types of yoga and poses and works with each of us so that we are all getting what we need. She’s a great person as well so she’s awesome to chat with as well! It’s always refreshing after class is over and we always look forward to the next one.

The best you can ask for!

Tatiana is the best yoga teacher anyone can ask for . She taught me to have a love and appreciation for yoga, and it completely changed my life ! Her fun, nonjudgmental, professional, kind , and patient personality present an amazing energy to be around. She taught me to push myself past my limits while also being mindful of where I’m at. Anyone would be fortunate to be in any of Tatyana’s classes !