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Just be Aligned Yoga & Functional Nutrition

Warning: Tiffany's yoga class is addictive!

Whether you are a beginner or someone looking to advance your yoga practice to the next level, this is the class for you. Tiffany has the ability to break down and explain complex poses to their most basic level to make the class accessible and safe for someone brand new, but also challenging and rewarding for someone with years of experience. After a few weeks of consistent practice with Tiffany you will see a marked improvement in your posture, alignment and strength which will translate into feeling great throughout the day. I look forward to each class and would highly recommend Tiffany's expertise to anyone.

For any and all of us!!!

Tiffany teaches so anyone and everyone can benefit. She makes the instruction very clear and it is FUN!!! She helps each one of us Personally throughout class. This style of yoga is amazing and so therapeutic!!! Try it- you will never regret it!!!

Tiffany is a Gifted, Passionate and Engaging Yoga Teacher

I have had the privilege and gift of studying with Tiffany for many years, first in a studio setting and now online. In both settings, Tiffany is a passionate and gifted teacher who transforms her extensive knowledge, advance training and personal practice into meaningful instruction by using teacher modeling, explanation and feedback. Her classes are engaging, advance my understanding of the benefits of each pose and the practice of yoga. During class she provides the instruction, guidance and encouragement I need to advance my ability to correctly execute poses in class and during independent practice. Tiffany's classes are a setting I'm grateful for and always eager to return to as often as possible! Patti W. Grateful Yoga Student


Tiffany is an amazing yoga instructor! Iyengar yoga can be very serious but Tiffany has a great sense of humor and she brings that into her teaching style. She is kind, knowledgeable, thorough, and has a keen eye. I have learned so much from Tiffany and am so grateful to be her student.

Yoga Expertise!

I have been working with Tiffany since last fall and she has expertise has brought significant healing to my body. I have had 10 compressions fractures in my back
and have difficulty standing up straight. I am getting straighter and straighter thanks to Tiffany. She has expertise and has done advanced study in therapeutic yoga. Consequently I have had very little pain any more. Even after I am fully straight and healed I will keep working with Tiffany. I love yoga and Tiffany takes it to a whole new level.

Tiff has given me a bright light and lift to my entire personna

The classes I take from Tiffany several times each week and the home sequence she designed for my specific needs are immeasurable!!! She is so very caring, centered on each of us and our own needs, conscientious in her knowledge of the body, mind and soul. She expresses all this in a loving, lighthearted and very intense yet enjoyable class each time we practice. I especially enjoy the on line classes we have been having. So convenient for all!! Namaste Tiffany for everything you do for each of us.


I have been practicing yoga off and on for 30 years and have had many different teachers in that time.. I have to admit , for several different reasons, I have been MIA for the last few years. I was very much wanting to practice again but just did not get it done...until Lock Down and Tif invited me to join her Zoom classes. I have known Tif about as long as I have been practicing yoga. I have to say that her expertise, knowledge and grasp of yoga is, in my humble opinion, superb! Her direction is clear and precise and her sense of humor keeps it real! This is my first experience of doing any yoga....on line. At times, it can be frustrating, but Tiffany stays with each one of her students and helps us through any confusion and/or necessary "adjustments" that we need. She cares. Equally impressive, is her knowledge of the human body, how it moves and its alignment. I am grateful each day for being in class with Tif and how she is helping me feel GOOD again!