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Highly Recommend

I was gifted a reading by a friend and am I glad she did. Speaking to Yogi Raven is like talking to a lost long friend. Felt so at ease talking to her. Glad I was able to connect with her and look forward to future conversations and knowledge from her.

Absolute and Pure Magic

I first met Raven during my yoga teacher training last fall and every single interaction I have had with her since has been so eye opening and deeply healing. Every reading I have received from her has helped me shatter false beliefs, heal old wounds and take steps toward becoming my truest self. Raven is truly magic in human form and I will never be able to thank her enough for everything she has done, and continues to do for me. If you have any reservations about booking a healing from her, put them aside and take the leap.

Raven is truely gifted. She can walk between worlds. She made me aware of the blocks within me that are holding me back from being my true self. I feel so blessed that I encountered Raven and was given the opportunity to work with her. I look forward to doing more sessions with her and discovering what my true calling in life is. Raven is a master healer she can open your eyes, mind and heart and help change your life.

Working with Raven has been a transformational journey. She has been able to hold the space for me to travel deeper into my psyche so I can heal and grow into the best version of myself. Raven has helped me push through blocks that were deeply routed in my being and then empowered me to believe in my own gifts. Through these healing sessions Raven is able to guide me to places that I am afraid to go alone but with a sense of empathy and compassion that allows me to find a greater clarity that I have been longing for. Through our work together I have been able to decipher my own life’s mysteries and step into the woman I’ve always known I can be.

Spirit Sent

Raven is a powerful, in-tune, radiant goddess with a very special gift of being able to connect with the deepest parts of ourselves. I am so incredibly grateful to have had a healing with Raven at a very pivotal time in my life. Everything that came through on my journey was so spot on and absolutely powerful. Since my healing I have felt lost parts of myself re-integrating and connecting in a way that I never thought possible. It has been a truly essential piece to my growth and transformation. I feel like I am finally living my life for me instead of wound and tied to something that was no longer serving me. I can't wait till my next session. Raven, you are absolutely amazing and I am so grateful that you are sharing your gifts with this world. We all need it! Love and light!

Reconnecting & Insight

What an amazing & beautiful gift Raven has. Looking forward to some changes in my life and blessed to hear messages from my parents. Emotional, impactful & enlightening. Thanks Cuz


First of all, THANK YOU! This year I have felt so incredibly lost and unable to make sense of the world around me. Talking to Raven and experiencing the Shemanic Healing provided me with a sense of being okay with the unknown. I had lost my way with the sudden passing of my mom and have been dealing with a lot of emotions being suppressed. I have been in such survival mode that I haven’t given myself permission to really feel the emotions. Raven’s healing paved the way to feel the feelings that I desperately needed to some to the surface. I thought just putting on a happy face would solve all the internal unrest – turns out, it does the opposite. I love the recordings! It is such an amazing resource to be able to return to the recordings and really digest the session. So many times, I had the notion of “yes, I needed to hear that, how did she know?!” It was truly amazing. I felt like I have experienced and will continue to experience emotional break-throughs. I am truly grateful for this healing experience. I highly recommend Raven's healing sessions!


I received a powerful healing session with Yogi Raven today. During our time together I was able to open up and receive the clarity I was seeking. She has a deep understanding of energy and I felt safe wrapped in her warm kindness and held during the entire session. She is truly connected to source and a beautiful channel of Divine light and love. Being a Reiki practitioner myself, I am very particular about who I choose to work with and I am so glad I was guided to her. I look forward to many future sessions. Thank you, Raven.

I can't say enough about her ability!

While I have been lucky enough to have had many "mini healings" over the years with Raven either in casual conversation as friends or going deeper during a Yoga Teacher Training, I am always left with feelings of clarity, peace, and inspiration. While these feelings might not settle in for a few days sometimes it is instant like a wave of awakening or release of old energy. While Ravens gifts are clearly natural and organic, since working with her mentor, her healings have become even more deep, insightful, and powerful. I can't say enough about her ability to touch on the deeper parts of what make each of us US and to help bring through the truest and most authentic versions of ourselves. If you are hoping to know your truest Self better in this lifetime or are just curious please know you are in good hands and will walk away lighter and brighter!

Thank you Raven, for your beautiful insight. This was my first time talking with a spiritual healer, and I am so impressed by the enlightenment I felt immediately in talking to you! You are a very calming and comforting soul, and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

An Incredibly Powerful Healing...

I've been working with meditation and yoga pretty much my whole life and the shamanic path for over a decade. This was an incredibly powerful healing. The information she received was spot on at every level. Right away I felt a shift in my life. One of the things that came through was it would be good for me to focus on a more nutritious diet. I've always had a decent diet but I would indulge in things I knew weren't the healthiest with the justification that I was giving it positive energy through my enjoyment and it was a way for me to do subtle energy work on our food. This wasn't a horrible practice but it was not serving my highest potential. After the session with Raven I have effortlessly shifted my diet and have been eating vegetarian for the past few weeks. I grew up with my dad as a vegetarian and have always been around them so it wasn't to much of a leap but the ease with which I made the full shift was definitely the session. Anyone looking to get a little tune up on their multidimensional self needs to book now!

Thank you so much for your Work! All the things are happening! Onwards and omnidirectional!

Peace and Love
Matt Bovard aka Dank P.H.A.R.T the Pirate Poet


I love my time with Raven! I fully admit that I was skeptical at first, but just minutes into my first session it was like hearing from someone that’s known me forever. She said some things that I was aware of, but didn’t want to admit to myself. Some things that I was unsure about, but which prompted me to explore some different ideas and themes in my life that I previously hadn’t. And she told me some things I already knew, but just needed someone else to tell me. I feel re-invigorated after our sessions and I am so glad I get recordings of each session to listen back to for further reflection. If you’re open, she brings up a lot of stuff - some you may have previously dealt with and some you may not have even been aware of. Unpacking that was difficult at times, but Raven gave me some action items I could complete following our time so I could continue to work through it between sessions. I have, and would, highly recommend to anyone that has some blocks they need to work through, especially if they aren’t sure just what those blocks are. It can open up a whole new world!

Testimonial #21

I first met Raven many years ago when I participated in her yoga class in Louisville Colorado. As a former day spa/yoga studio owner I have attended numerous yoga classes over the years. I was very impressed with the way Raven facilitated the class and the extra attention she offered me knowing the following month I was scheduled for a lumbar fusion. Fast forward to years later when I discover that she’s moved to the western slope of Colorado and that she is using more gifts that she possesses such as shamanic healing. During my first shamanic healing session with her she spoke of my family lineage details that were spot on and helped me to make sense of some things. I had my second shamanic healing session with her today. My intention for today’s session was completely different from the first time and the details that she provided today blew me away. I look very much forward to how some of these circumstances unfold with continued work with Raven.


Raven has a beautiful gift to see and feel with second attention. She helped me identify and connect with my animal spirit guides.

Healing session

My son Zak and I had an inspiring reading done by Raven. She dug deep to receive from the spirit world messages and impressions that spoke to our hearts amd opened channels for grounding, peace and healing! I recommend Raven as a loving, caring intercessor. God bless you

Kate Cumbo, Director of Programs at Peace Jam

Raven is incredible! She opened my world to me and helped me see the beauty beyond the daily limited view of life. I truly believe I am infinite, as we all are. What if this is true? Raven had given me a glimpse into a reality where my path is expansive and my being a conduit for the divine! Thank you Raven for this gift - and sharing your light with us all!

Aimee Monihan

Raven was put on this earth to change peoples lives. She is a healer, truly magical and one of the most beautiful humans I know! I knew her first as one of my yoga teachers. Our connection was strong and I always felt so at peace in her presence. I recently had a session with her and connecting me w my spiritual guides and connected into another realm. It was the most amazing & freeing experience I have yet to have with any healer, medium clairvoyant etc. she is beyond blessed & gifted, I cannot say enough how much I urge everyone to have a session with her. It was beyond my wildest expectations and I will forever hold in my heart as I do Raven!

Evan Smith

I had a great time doing my healing with Raven. It was a very intense and katharic experience. I felt results immediately, and felt empowered to become the person that I was meant to be.