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The goddess behind yoni gaia is an absolutely incredible soul. She's doing amazing things on her blog/IG and she is an absolute pleasure to work with and the products are incredible!! There was issues with my post office in shipping but she took care of it all right away and was so generous and on top of it. Im so grateful to have come across Yoni Gaia. The pads have helped my periods to not be painful, and allow my yoni to be happy. The tea is amazing and delicious and it all helps so much in honoring the divinity that the Yoni is. Thank you Yoni Gaia!

Gaia Lust Feminine Wash

Thank you so much for creating the Yoni Wash! I bought the Gaia Lust and I'm just in love with it. I will be buying some more

Herbal Yoni Pads

These herbal yoni pads are the bomb! I love the cool tingling feeling while wearing these. I definitely will be buying some more of these.

Gaia Lust Feminine Wash

The Gaia Lust smells amazing! I had a horrible UTI and this helped cleared up my UTI.

Gaia Lust Feminine Wash

Smells so good! It will honestly keep you fresh down there. Thank you for creating this wash! It's a life saver. :)

Yoni Steam

I had a really bad yeast infection and I decided to try the yoni steam. Wow omg, my yeast infection is gone! I also want to thank Jamilia for answering all my emails and checking up on me. Customer service and products are on point.

Venus Violet Feminine Wash

I love this feminine wash! I feel so clean after using it! 

Herbal Yoni Pads

I love these herbal yoni pads!