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Your Spinal Health

16 King Street Street
Penrith Cumbria , CA11 7AJ
United Kingdom

Migraines gone

Peter and his wonderful team have given me my life back and it feels fantastic.Thank you so much. I have suffered terrible migraine headaches for over 15 years and have treied many things to get to the root cause of my problem. I met Peter through a recommendation and attended an initial consultation and subsequently followed his 12 week programme. Peter identified a number of problems and his gentle treatment stopped (yes stopped) my migraines almost immediately. I can't speak highly enough of Your Spinal Health

Absolutely amazing!!

The whole team are absolutely amazing, friendly, kind and very welcoming. Any questions you have are answered straight away. Peter and Charlotte are very informative about the whole process and any progression. Charlotte is a miracle worker with her deep tissue sport massage, exercises and tips. I could not recommend this practice enough, I have got to know my body after having treatment and know when I need to pop in. I'm pain free with no medication, just the visit to Charlotte and Peter when needed. Thank you so much to the whole team.

Happy with initial assesment. Confident in my practitioner

Looking forward to my next appointment. I believe I have found the help I need. Knots in my lower back have disappeared. Quite remarkable.

Fantastic experience!!

What a fantastic team Your Spinal Health are!! A warm and friendly welcome from all of the staff, from the reception to the practitioners, and nothing seems too much trouble. As for the treatment itself - I cannot express strongly enough what a difference it has made. I was in rather a sorry state at my initial consultation as basically nothing that the NHS had to offer was working. After the first treatment session it was obvious to me that this was going to be the answer to my prayers. Having signed up to the 12 week plan I can honestly say that it was the best thing that I could have done. I was in such a mess and still have some more healing to do but with regular maintenance I am confident that I can get fully back to my old self soon. In effect I have a life back whereas before I was just existing. Thanks will never be enough ❤️


As I was here on holiday and needed serious treatment all the staff were very friendly, professional and so helpful. Was fitted in on a Bank Holiday Saturday when others in the locality were closed for the weekend. Thank you all.


I've had tinnitus, hearing problems and the occasional vertigo on and off for 15 years. I've seen ENT specialists who haven't been able to do anything for me. After 4 weeks of a recent episode of very loud tinnitus and next to no hearing, I decided to try a chiropractor. I wish they had been my first option years ago! After only 3 appointments (two with Charlotte and one with Peter) I had hearing and no tinnitus, no back pain that I hadn't realised I had until it was gone and no more feeling like my neck needed to be clicked. I have recommended so many people who are amazed at the results in such a short time. (6 days between the 1st and 3rd appointment) I can't tell you how thankful I am and I will definitely be making regular appointments to keep me on top form.


From years of suffering a bad back, much improved and much less pain.


Always had amazing results, and my children go as well for regular check ups. Highly recommend.



my shoulder is now almost pain free and i have not taken a pain killer in over 6 weeks


What a difference it makes. Just try and decide for yourself.


Peter is a dedicated and caring professional giving sound and genuine advice. The service provided is of a top quality and his knowledge is second to none.


Full of great advice very knowledgeable will recommend


I've known Peter for a year now and I've been really impressed with his professionalism and customer-centric approach to the service he provides. He's always looking for ways to educate customers improve the experience! Keep up the good work!


Chiropractic has really helped me. I was struggling before, lying in bed, hoping to get better. With their help I found that I was very quickly up and about. (almost) miraculous!


Peter has a holistic approach and what I appreciated was how explained what he was doing and why. Knowledge enables you to make changes so that you work with your body to achieve better health. Chiropractics is about more than just cracking bones. I have had a rapid improvement over the course of my treatment and am living with far less pain than I have in years.

Testimonial #42

Excellent service. Some, ill-informed, people told me I would be wasting money. This could not be further from the truth. My migraines and neck pain are much improved and I no longer use prescription medicine



Testimonial #41

I wasn't sure about what chiropractic was or did but I just needed help with my 'problem back' so I decided to give it a go.I'm so pleased I did as I think I understand my problem better and would definitely recommend this treatment.I'm definitely more mobile and starting to get my social life back.

Testimonial #40

After a visit I always walk better.

Testimonial #39

I feel lots better than when I first came in much straighter,flexible,younger,more energetic and less grumpy.

Testimonial #38

Love coming-feels like visiting family.Great stress buster.You're all wonderful.

Testimonial #37

Very friendly happy place to come for appointments.

Testimonial #36

Although I came about back pain i've see a vast improvement of headaches.

Testimonial #35

Would recommend chiropractic care to everyone Gentle healing process which makes you more likely to take care of yourself and think about long term impact your daily activities may have.

Testimonial #34

Noticed almost immediate improvements.Staff very helpful and friendly.Peter is excellent-he listens and explains things in a very understandable way and happy to answer any questions.

Testimonial #33

This is a wonderful practice to attend if you ever want to know or have your body checked over,you are greeted always with a lovely smile and a super welcome i can assure of that.I have been attending since last year and could hardly bear to walk on my own,now i am almost independent. I am well pleased with the treatment and welcome I get each visit and overall a very pleasant practice to attend.I will in the future be telling anyone who visits me how wonderful the practice is,god bless all.

Testimonial #32

Staff couldn't be more helpful,easy to get an appointment and easy to get in contact.Seeing good improvements so far.

Testimonial #31

Always worth a try,magic sometimes works!

Testimonial #30

Following my first visit i felt 'lighter' in myself,taller and not as troubled if that makes sense.I can also turn my head to the right and put my coat on a lot easier using my right arm.

Testimonial #29

Improvements on overall health since attending.

Testimonial #28

Improvements in my back mobility.I don't ache as much since I started.

Testimonial #27

Very good results and very professional.

Testimonial #26

My pain is always less after having an appointment with Peter.

Testimonial #25

The monthly visits help to reassure that my health and spine are in a satisfactory condition.

Testimonial #24

After years of symptoms and only partial relief from other therapies,chiropractic care has changed my life-almost eliminating chronic and debilitating symptoms.

Testimonial #23

A lot of improvements cannot do without Peters care.

Testimonial #22

Fantastic staff who make you feel very welcome and valued from the first visit.A clear improvement and i can now sit on the sofa without the pain!A huge thankyou!

Testimonial #21

Gives you your life back!

Testimonial #20

Used to have alot of pain in my back and joints.Now much improved.

Testimonial #19

When i first came i couldn't get my arm behind my back,shoulder was very painful. Within a short time i was relatively pain free and had a good range of movement.Very impressed!

Testimonial #18

I am learning how to be in control of my body 'mind over matter' keeping well and strong without drugs.

Testimonial #17

Peter has kept an old back problem under control.First noticeable improvement was a reduction in fluid retention in my leg.Regular visits keep all aches and pain at bay.I have recommended four people who have also felt the benefit of visits to Peter.

Testimonial #16

Definite improvement.

Testimonial #15

I have always been prone to a 'bad back' and doing a job with a lot of bending and lifting doesn't help. Seeing Peter regularly for the last 18 months has really helped. I also have far less coughs and colds than i used to.

Testimonial #14

More or less pain free,I've noticed that i'm alot more relaxed and have increased feeling in my feet.

Testimonial #13

Very happy with treatment given each visit.

Testimonial #12

Nice friendly surroundings.

Testimonial #11

Exerlent service provided by kind and friendly people.

Testimonial #10

I have witnessed less tension in my back and neck. Felt less distressed/discomfort about "twinges" in my back and neck. Very good service and a great help.

Testimonial #8

Excellent customer service with very friendly helpful staff. Highly recommended.

Testimonial #7

Very professional inclusive service. Felt confident in Peter's hands. Over the weeks, my posture has definitely improved as has my general well being.

Testimonial #6

When I first came in back movements were extremely painful - after the first visit there was a real improvement and much less pain. After 12 visits I am delighted with the results! It's an essential MOT for a healthy body and healthy life!

Testimonial #9

Excellent treatment after years of morning headaches! I've not had once since the treatment started.

Testimonial #5

The change is almost unbelievable! My migraines are almost gone; my IBS is under control and I am generally happier, more balanced and have more energy! Thanks, it's been life changing!

Testimonial #4

My posture has improved dramatically. My sight has improved although I still need to wear specs. I feel so much more energised and well.

Testimonial #3

I have suffered with back and neck pain for at least 10 years and all I can say is I wish I'd come sooner and I was amazed with the fairly instant results. I'm more happier, flexible and have more energy. I believe this has contributed to me having the will power to stop snacking and now I feel able to start to do more exercise in turn losing weight.

Testimonial #2

I have been through living hell since breaking my jaw and trapping nerves in my face in October 2015. I got a leaflet through from Penrith Family Chiropractic offering me a 30 minute free consultation, along I went and from the first minute this man has amazed me, after just two sessions the pain had reduced by some 75%, I actually had my life back. It is without doubt the best money I have ever spent in my entire life, amazing stuff

Testimonial #1

Changed my life, I never have pain in my back since going!


I was reluctant to go see a chiropractor-in fact it was my last option after trying just about everything else-following 6+ months of chronic shoulder pain I visited Peter Bennett in Penrith-I admit I was petrified but after a very speedy and painless adjustment I walked out of there with a fully functioning arm-to my surprise me dodgy knee and hip are greatly improved also after many years of pain and pain killers numerous tests and visits to my very patient doctor I feel like a new person-I intend to keep this up-it is wonderfull to be functioning on a better scale at long last-AQll I can say is-It seems to be working for me!


Peter and the team achieve amazing results. Highly recommended.


Fantastic. Changed my life for the better


Changed my life, I never have pain in my back since going!




fantastic job on my back and neck


Brilliant results, definitely recommend


amazing results would definitely recommend














Would recommend Peter to anyone - quite simply his treatment works. A very friendly practice.