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Philadelphia Pennsylvania , 19142

Best of the Best

Been purchasing from YugiOldSchool for a while now and they always have what I need exactly when I need it. On top of that, communication is second to none and they are always available to answer your questions. Hands down the best reseller I've purchased from and will always be my first stop whenever I'm on the hunt!

Great job guys!!

Hey guys this is hebertty Hernandez... you guys offer a great service, you always respond to any issues we have on time... I'm very happy and satisfied with your service, my only recommendation would be... keep doing it the same way!! And a little gift every once in a while to loyal customer in their purchase will be nice lol... thanks!!

Zacian and zamazenta etb pro

Great customer service and pricing been an ongoing customer!

Good packaging, amazing card condition!!!

Love the packaging and card condition, got a Japanese card tho when I got an English one but idc it’s perfect also missed a card but that’s fine I got refunded but it was only a couple cents anyways so no big deal, got sum cool extra cards I believe it was for the missing card super cool and nice loved the sleeves for the cards as well

Excellent service as always!

YugiOldSchool always delivers in quality of their items and their service. I love the packaging; it’s always a feeling like opening Christmas presents. Great work, YOS team!

Fantastic service every time!

Always get my shipments promptly, and they are assembled with care. Cards are always in the condition stated. Made a special request on my last order and they came through! Can't reccomend YuigOldSchool enough

Starting the year off great!

Was very pleased to receive all the cards in the condition stated and I received them very fast as well. What a fantastic way to start of the new year, 2020.

Slow Shipping

The website was easy enough to use, however I placed my order 10 days ago and it's still in pre-shipment


Incredible service as always. Cards arrived fast and safely packaged. Trusted seller that I will continue to buy from and support.

Great service

First time ordering and the shipment was very fast only one minimal error that I didn't received some cards, but overall fast shipping with tracking , great variety and prices.

So many deals

So many deals! Always a good variety of cards/archetypes to choose from at very great prices. I highly recommend that if you don't follow him on Instagram, you start. You'll get notified of when deals will hit before the sale or update.

Excellent service!

Excellent service! YugiOldSchool is a very reliable platform to get old school cards from. I very much appreciate the way they package the product; it truly shows care. Thank you.


Best mailing and quick response when need a question answered highly recommended!


Thank you i have buy sometimes and all the times the stuff come fast and very very safe ;)



Thank you

Thanks great condition bought 3 toon rollbacks cards arrived safely


back for more

I wasn't joking when I said that I would buy again from YugiOldSchool real soon. I couldn't stay away for long with all these great deals and selection of cards. Such a fantastic seller with quick and reliable shipping. I will GLADLY refer people to YugiOldSchool for all their Yugioh needs.

Told ya I'd be back

I wasn't joking when I said I'd be back. Yugioldschool has by far some of the best prices in the game right now. Great seller with fast and reliable shipping! Highly recommend.

Great as always

Perfect condition of the products with great packaging and communication

Excellent service

Excellent prices, great shipping and delivery, website easy to look thru

Excellent service!

Thank you YuGiOldSchool for yet again another great service. The cards were received as described. It is always a pleasure to give business to an honest company with such nice and diligent workers. Keep on keeping on! Thank you.

Awesome Service!

Just started using this store... They have great communication, fast shipping, and great pricing. Will continue to use them now! Thanks ????????

Always a great experience!

Been a customer for a while and never disappointed! 2 supers and an ultra from 9 TLM packs. So glad accessories and supplies were added also!

10x TLM 10x CDIP

Pulled 2 ulti, 1 ultra, 4 super

Best Shop Out!

The best description I have ever seen on a site and cards came in the best packaging I have ever seen as well. 2 days in shipping too. Perfect! Much love guys!

Amazing service

Amazing service! Ordered a few single cards for shipment to the UK. Cards were sent extremely well packaged to ensure their safety. Arrived via tracked delivery and in a good time. Will happily be making return purchases, you guys are amazing!

Not my first time, not my last.

Very trustworthy seller for singles and sealed products. Booster packs arived sealed and unweighed. Cards arrived near mint as stated. No complaints.

My wallet hates me

as soon as I get money, all of it gets spent here. too many good deals on cards to resist.

Just a click away from happiness

First off let me just say, Wow. There are always so many great cards on here for such great deals. And all of it is just one click away, then it's yours and soon you'll be happy holding the physical item just waiting for more.

Great Store

Bought around 200 booster packs, opened half so far and can guarantee their products are not tampered with. The price and communication was unreal. Can’t recommend these guys enough. I look forward to shopping again.

Yugioh booster

Fast shipping to europe, great packaging! Thumbs up!

Purchased Booster Packs and Singles

Bought a large selection of CDIP and POTD packs and pulled great ratios. Additionally, he's recently put his collection on the website and prices are very fair and shipped with great care. Highly trusted seller.

Yugioh booster packs

Ordered a huge amount of sealed booster packs, the communication was excellent, non tampered with, not scaled. Great shipping time, packed very safely. Can’t wait to come back, thank you!


Always dope

Great service

Great service as always

Another one

Another great purchase from here arrived fast and in perfect condition. Very pleased. This is why I keep buying cards and sealed products from here.

Return Customer

I've purchased from this site/seller multiple times and everytime I'm highly satisfied with my purchase. Great deals on a great selection of singles and sealed products. Fast shipping and terrific customer service. Will continue to place orders here and definititley recommend.


Found it by accident, glad I did

I'm European buyer and I usually don't buy from USA. Recent wave motion cannon price increase made me look for it online and I have to say that I could not find a good bargain. After a long search I discovered this shop and they had 4 cards for amazing price. Instant buy. :) I forgot to add one item to my cart -> they replied: no problem just send us money on paypal. Great communication!

After 9 days my order is here in Europe. Package was well protected. I was surprised because EVERY card was in toploader and 2 sleeves. Card grading was very professional and I couldn't agree more with it. I also have to thank for extra booster which was a gift and blue eyes dragon company sticker.


I will return for sure.

Kind regards.



So I just received my order in the mail and wow ????. Yugioldschool is amazing, packaging, service, everything. (11/10 lol) I love the included branded sticker too! I’m just a little mad that your blue eyes alternative sticker doesn’t fit on the deck box I bought ???? but I will find a way to rep it ???? #yugioldschool


Found you guys through oldschool expert. Glad I did as you guys are fast on the job. Ordered from the UK and wasn't expecting it to be shipped quick but got an email saying it was sent pretty much instantly. Keep it up lads!


Bought some stuff from here and shipping was overpriced but they immediately offered me a refund for a corrected shipping cost or offered some free packs. I took the free packs, super trustworthy and honest!

Great stuff, prices, and service

Got some singles and a booster box for a great price on here. They shipped quickly and my favorite part was receiving an email with a picture of the item in it’s packaging when shipped. 10/10


Got some packs on here for an absolute steal! Amazing store!

Got lots of singles

Found out about then from TheOldSchoolExpert and have to say very pleased with my order and the prices and the amazing packing job they did and how fast I got my ordered they are amazing so I told a friend about them now he put a order in keep up the good work will buy again


*Person submitted review as 0 stars and blank so I don't know

Quality, professionalism and good customer service

I was very impressed with the overall quality of service provided on each of the categories I listed above. You should definitely support this group, because they are honest and I have been nothing but impressed at how seriously they take their online shop.

I look forward to buying from them again.

2 Sealed 24 pack Booster Boxes

Found out about YugiOldSchool by watching videos on youtube posted by the old school expert. Took a look at the site and was happy to see so much variety. Picked up a couple of old school boxes since I love collecting. Shipping was fast and packing was excellent. Also, because my order was on the pricier side, YugiOldSchool threw in a couple of loose booster packs and card sleeves as a gift. Thank you :)

Awesome Old School product

Amazing product and singles, everything was shipped well and mailed fast. Definitely buying more from this site.

Honest Seller and Best Prices!!!

Yugioldschool is by far my favorite seller and the items as well as their prices are always great! If you ever have any questions they are answered, the customer service doesn't get any better than this. Overall I would recommend everyone to become a customer, if you're looking for a trustful seller you've come to the right place.

Honest seller

After being scammed so many times from different websites, I tried purchasing from this seller. I did one purchase with yugioldschool. I bought 10 Labyrinth of Nightmare unlimited packs (They were $4 each). I pulled Dark Necrofear, Mask of Restrict, Riryoku Field, and Fire Princess. He also put a free Pharaonic Guardian pack in there. If you wanna buy from Instagram, it's this guy only.

Amazing seller

I got back into collection about a little over a year ago. He was the first seller I’ve ever purchased from and always been an amazing seller to work with. Always answers promptly and whatever the product may be it’s ALWAYS as described. Shipping has always been super fast as well. There is no one else in the community I could recommend more!

Extremely professional and very courteous

Almost hard to come up with anything the title doesn’t already say. They are very professional (they have refunded me shipping costs as it was not as expensive as originally thought) and they are fast to ship and verify your order. For such a small business, I feel more secure and safe purchasing here than I do on eBay. Thank you so much for the great deals and opportunities!

Very professional and great quality seller

I discovered this website by watching a video of Yugioldschool on youtube. When i place my order, i am extremely surprised at the quality and professionalism of these guys. They do NOT disappoint! These guys are top notch sellers and i will definitely refer friends to this online store. I love that they have old school products now and will order more in the future. These guys are extremely dedicated to service and quality. The packs are not weighed and come sealed and in great condition. Thank you Yugioldschool! You've made adults like me feel like a kid again with nostalgia. A++ service!

For the old school lovers

Package was well protected and delivered very fast. Quality products and service 10/10

Took a Leap of Faith

I had watched a video from The Old School Expert and he had mentioned YugiOldSchool. I then decided to visit the website and see what they had for sale. I noticed they sold Yugoh Gold edition Dark Side of Dimensions cards, looked at my collection and then started to add the missing cards into the cart. I ended up ordering about 30+ cards and in a way took a leap of faith in ordering so many cards from a seller that I had no past history with. They did not disappoint! All cards were like the ones in their pictures and in great condition as well as in sleeves and the more expensive cards were even triple sleeved and in a top loader! I highly recommend to check these guys out first before any other seller as they do not take selling and shipping Yugioh cards lightly and it shows. 5 stars hands down.

Rise of Destiny Singles

Truly amazing and reliable seller. Super fast shipping and items were packaged extremely well

1st Edition Lost Millenium

Everything that arrived was in very good condition and arrived on time. Can’t wait to order again!


Amazing service. Products arrived as described and in a timely manner. Really looking forward to placing another order with them.


Still waiting on order but can't wait , great support even when shipping was over charged an extra pack was added,!

Truly A RARE find in Old School Packs!!!

Super fast shipping. Responsive. Great pulls. Overall an excellent experience and I will be using this site for all my nostalgia needs. Lovely


Its hard to find sellers like this who you can trust, but I can honestly say you have no worries about buying from YugiOldSchool, what you see is what you get, no bs, no scams. And thats something that I really appreciate as there are only so many old school yugioh outlets to buy from. On a side note, they even refund shipping if it turned out to be cheaper than what it was originally. Cheers!


Just ordered the other day, still waiting on package but couldn't be more excited for when it arrives. Great selection and the support has been great. They even messaged me to tell me that the shipping was cheaper then i was billed so they threw in a coupon or another pack to help equal the price!

Very professional

Had a situation and they handled it very professional. Will be a loyal shopper with them

Amazing as Always

Another great experience in the books! I used to buy from YugiOldSchool on Instagram a lot and always had perfect transactions. This was my first time ordering from the new site, and it went just as well. I bought 5 1st edition TLM packs at a steal of a price and pulled one ultra and one ultimate rare. Super stoked!

Great Product with Great Prices!

Initially met on Instagram and continuing business on his website. A wide variety of product with nice competitive prices.



thank you so much for your fair prices and wonderful assortment of yugioh products. This website never lets me down. The pricing is fair and the service and speed of shipment is wonderful! The only flaw is there needs to be more old school booster packs for sale. But, that is the only thing wrong. Other than that, these guys know exactly what they are doing. Thanks for your business!


Service - 10/10
Prices - 10/10
Product Quality - 10/10
Shipping speed and reliability - 10/10

Great site, never had any problems.
I live overseas and items take up to 10 days to arrive (Very fast)
Cards come sleeved and the prices are good too.

The only problem is that the stock, a lot of the cards I need are missing - which is the only reason I even bother looking to other sites



YugiOldSchool is ????. Products come in perfect condition and fast shipping!


Great prices and everything was exactly as it was described